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Saturday, February 9, 2013

How to Create a Non Visible Folder and Protect Your FIles

Hello Guys In This Article I am Going to Teach You that Create a Non Visible Folder . Specially We Create a Non Visible Folder to protect our files or for privacy .. So Follow The Steps Given Below and Create a non visible folder ... ;)

Step 1 : Create a New Folder ...

Step 2 :  Right Click on the folder and rename it .

Step 3 : Hold Alt button and press 0160 .

Now You Have Created a folder with has no name .

Step 4 : Now by Right Clicking on the folder . Open the Properties of the folder and then change the icon of the folder .

Congo , Now You Have Created a Non Visible Folder , Which is only known by you .. :) Guys If You Liked My Article Kindly Share it with your freinds Thanks .
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  1. Not Working I m used Windows Vista :(

  2. It is for Windows XP only...
    For more tricks visit